How to order?

1) Enquiry
• Request a call • Email or Fax to us • Visit our office

2) Place an Order

One day in advanced:
Orders placed one day in advance will be processed
and available for picked up or delivered the next day.

Advance orders: Orders placed one day in advance will be processed and available
for picked up or delivered the next day.

• Order acceptance and cancellation
We reserves the right to decline or cancel orders at any time. Purchase order upon accepted, notification is via email or fax will be provided when submitting your order. We assume no responsibility for issues resulting from such declines, priority to quotation date of expired, cancellations, or email notification failure. Order costs will be charged to your account upon acceptance from you.

3) Total prices, taxes

We shall provide our customers with competitive prices on the products we offer. Prior to submitting your order you will have the opportunity to review product prices and any applicable sales tax, shipping, and handling charges. Prices are exclusive of, and Customer shall pay, all taxes, duties, levies or fees, or other similar charges imposed on the products by any taxing authority (subject to Singapore Goverment 7% percent GST).

4) Local delivery & oversea shipment

Delivery fees subject to S$20 surcharge with purchase of minimum S$100 and above on single invoice, S$30 surcharge for below S$100. Export shipping fees apply based on the origin country freight rates.

During the Warranty Period, MEG SYSTEM ENTERPRISE's sole responsibility is to repair or replace, at MEG SYSTEM ENTERPRISE's sole option, any defective component part or Product.

Please refer to the User's Guide to ensure you have followed all the correct operation procedures. In particular, kindly refer to any troubleshooting guide that may have been supplied with the product.

In the event that you should require service assistance, please contact the our Customer Careline at 6673 4319. Alternatively you may send the product to our Service Centre. Please have you full product model number and serial number(if applicable), date and proof of purchase and a brief description of the fault/query ready when contacting our service team.

If the product is outside the Warranty Period you shall bear all postage, insurance or delivery costs incurred in delivering the product from you to us and/or from ours to you.